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MEGA65 Wiki

Here's an initial attempt to wiki-fy existing knowledge on the Mega65 system garnered from the user forums and Paul Gardner-Stephen's blog.

It's intended as a draft effort, to demonstrate how this information would look when presented in this form.

For now, I'll just add pages into a linear list below. Later on, as content grows, I'll try provide more hierarchical/tree structuring.



    • Steps for how to get your Nexys board up and running with the MEGA65 bitstream
    • For windows users that don't want to jump ship completely to Linux
    • Guides you through the installation of the Xilinx ISE WebPack software and its usage
    • A few github *.md doc files presently accumulating in the official github repo.
    • They cover some common ground as the existing wiki walkthroughs, with more dev-related details
    • They also have a more linux-centric approach, if that's your preferred path (over windows-cygwin)




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