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Thai Typing Tutor V1.04c


Download Link:


Latest Features:


  • hopefully fixed font display problems on international
    versions of WindowsXP. Many thanks to Jinu from Korea
    for pointing out this issue and suggesting the solution,
    and for all the advice and perseverant testing too:)
  • fixed lost focus of typing window on startup
  • fixed incorrectly sized statistics page (on XP machines)


  • Fixed the problems with installation of thai fonts on Windows XP
    Many thanks to Paul M. Prez for his assistance in testing this version


  • After finishing a lesson, you can now choose between retrying, or moving onto
    the next lesson
  • On startup, last lesson you worked on will automatically load
  • The F1 key immediately views the progress statistics of the lesson you are working on
  • Removed pointers on graphs when they get too cluttered
  • Removed the “El-Cheapo” term from the program title
    (‘cos this program’s getting rather funky!)


  • Added word count (approximate)
  • Added progress bars (for total lesson and sections)
  • Fixed statistics (file-reading bug)


  • The “View Statistics” window lets you view your progress
  • You can add your own lessons by putting them in the “Lessons” directory of the program
    (This is a sub-directory of where you install ThaiType)


  • Try the “Lessons” menu for a variety of different lessons


  • Hints that show you which letter to press on your english keyboards… and where to find it!!
  • Real-time WPM (Words per minute) and Typing Accuracy displays
  • Thai Keyboard Mapping Emulation
  • Absolutely freeware!


Common Problems:

Install Problems (Vista / Windows 7)
Right click the install file and select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.


Font Problems
Some users were having problems with the thai font on Windows Vista/7 systems. Here is a manual solution:

1) Find the font file at: “C:\Program Files\Thai Typing Tutor\angsd___.ttf”
2) Drag’n’drop this file into: “C:\Windows\Fonts”

(*don’t copy/paste, use drag’n’drop!)


Adding your own lessons
You can add your own lessons as text files in the path: “C:\Program Files\Thai Typing Tutor\Lessons”

These text files need to be saved as 8-bit ASCII (TIS-60), which is difficult to do in modern OSs like Vista and W7. A user online suggested the following approach:

  1. Find any Thai words you can on web. Copy those Thai words to “Thai Language TIS-620 Converter”
  2. On the freeware. Click on –> TIS-620 to convert those Thai words to TIS-620.
  3. Select all the Thai words and copy to notepad.
  4. Save the notepad.
  5. Copy the saved notepad to C:\Program Files\Thai Typing Tutor\Lessons
  6. Now you can start your own lesson.

Hello world!

Hmm… Just place-holder stuff for now… This came about due to bigpond killing their bigblog service… Funnily enough, they introduced bigblog to appease customers for killing off their free bigpond user web-page space (quite a few years back). So now, it’s all gone, if we want something hosted on the web, we need to hand out $$$ now… 🙁


The only thing I had on my bigblog was info for the Thai Typing Tutor I wrote, along with a download link to it.


Rather than seeing that effort disappear into nothingness, I’ll eventually port that info (and the download link) across to here.